Key Executives

Datuk Hong Ngit Ming
Executive Chairman


Datuk Hong Kim Fah
Deputy Executive Chairman

Mr Ng Leong Yen
Executive Director
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Datuk Hong Kim Fah aged 55,  holds a Business Administration Degree obtained in 1974 from National Cheng Chi University, Taiwan. She was initially attached to the Personnel Department of Teck Guan Group in August 1974; subsequently she worked in the Purchasing Department and Properties Department before joining Teck Guan Trading Sdn Bhd as Tawau Branch Manager. She has vast experience in management and business and has successfully, time and again, turned loss businesses into profitable concerns which maintain their profitability even during recession times. Due to her wide business contacts, training and business acumen, she is adept at identifying businesses and markets. In the course of her office, she has been involved in the management of cocoa and oil palm plantations, trading merchandise, palm oil mills and other industries. She currently sits on the Board of Teck Guan Perdana Bhd, and also the Board of several other private limited companies within Teck Guan Group. She is the Group Managing Director of Teck Guan Group.