A1 GML/Sermag

GML/Sermag is 100% mined from natural mineral, containing very high percentage of natural Calcium and Magnesium. GML/Sermag is best used to neutralise the soil acidity (raising pH). They are you essential sources of Calcium and Magnesium for your crops. Plants need Calcium to buildup cell strength and sustain growth. Calcium is a major ingredient of cell wall and is important for root growth especially root tips.

Magnesium is the central pivotal ion in the chlorophyll molecule and is responsible for harnessing sunlight, transforming Carbon Dioxide into Carbohydrates. Thus, Magnesium deficiency results in immediate loss of yield.

1) Neutralise the soil acidity and raise the pH.
2) Provide high Magnesium and Calcium
    GML contains 16-18% of MgO and 20 - 25% of CaO
    Sermag contains 28-30% of MgO and 4 - 5% of CaO
3) Fineness of 80% passing through mesh 100
4) 100 raw material from natural mineral
5) Non-hazardous to human
6) Cost effective and value for money
7) Highly effective

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GML / Sermag